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Ich heiße Donald Coleman und bin Musiker aus Leidenschaft.


Tumba del Amor

Salsa-Tech is a Disco program with elements of passion, love, meditation - born in the streets of New York City, Lower East Side to Central Park on its way to Harlem - world music

This program contains 3 titles - each of them has a length of 10 minutes - music and arrangements by myself and a friend of mine,

The Show is live performed with Latin percussion, accompanied with play backs, songs and my own compositions. Each title should alternate with the music in agreement with the disc jockey:


1. Tumba del Amor (10`)

Tumbas playing the songs of love in the streets of the ghettos.

2. Look into your mirror (10`)

A journey into yourself which is gonna tell a story - romantic, Jazz, pictures of passion

3. Descaraga (10`)

arriving at Harlem, a rhythm blow-out and confusion

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CD "Tumba del Amor" von Donald Coleman

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